Product Integrity and Safety

Grin Studios creates, manufactures and distributes products to US retailers intended for children (toys).  Product quality assurance and social responsibility compliance are our highest priority.

  • At Grin Studios we take product integrity seriously for all of our products
  • Grin Studios Product Safety Committee is made up of senior management
  • All Grin Studios products are designed to meet and exceed applicable US mandated safety standards
  • Grin Studios design team incorporates quality and safety parameters into the product at the earliest design stage, and manages product quality throughout engineering, tooling, manufacturing and delivery
  • Each product is tested by a leading certified independent safety testing laboratory for compliance to applicable standards
  • Products must pass all applicable tests prior to shipment from manufacturing facility
  • Grin Studios keeps conformity certifications and safety testing reports on-file
  • Grin Studios manufacturing facilities meet all social accountability requirements, and are ICTI certified
  • Grin Studios staff continually reviews emerging research and regulations related to kids product development and safety to stay aware of constantly evolving standards
  • Grin Studios staff tracks consumer complaints, and stores documentation related to product integrity occurrences on a secure server